Bottle Wave Sahara


Two sizes: 600ml or 450ml. Perfect sizes for your daily activities.
Stainless steel. 100% BPA free, phthalates free, toxins free. No flavor added ensuring a soft and unparalleled drinking experience.
Thermo. 24 hours cold / 12 hours hot.
Hands-free. Easily carry it wherever you want with the Closca patented silicone strap and spread the word: no more plastic for drinking water.
NFC connected. Find your nearest water refill spot with Closca Water App and be part of the change. More than 250 000 points worldwide.
Airport security friendly. Travel around the world without consuming plastic to get water.
Silicone base. Protect your bottle and get a better grip on any surface.
Soft touch. Sleek and silky perfect for any occasion.
Do not wash in the dishwasher or use bleach. For cleaning, we recommend you use soap and water and clean it with a brush.

Height: 20 cm (s), 25 cm (l)

Diameter : 7 cm

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