Cold Brew Coffee Set


This ice dripper is a new set of lab gear for your coffee experiments. It’s a simple & eminently functional drip brew coffee set.

All about a good coffee: high-borosilicate lab gears; fully visible brewing process, and a new way of serving.

One-body Design:One-body design feature allows you to handle the whole set safely and easily.

Easy cleaning:No dead corner. All components could be easily detached and hand washed.

Easy to use : Load with ground coffee and ice cubes, and let the melting do the rest of the work.

Step : 1

Load ground coffee (recommended volume: 40mL)

Step : 2

Load ice cubes (full load: 450mL)

Step : 3

Cap with bamboo lid

Step : 4

Now be patient and wait.

(recommendation: place in fridge for slow melting & extraction.)

Enjoy your ice coffee!


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