The idea of plegma was born at some point after the completion of my studies in interior architecture & design. 

As I was discovering small concept stores around the world, and small cute coffee shops too, I ended up wanting to get involved in this field.

Always fascinated by the design but also the taste, I tried to create a complex based on aesthetics.

Plegma is the greek word for grid, mesh, plexus, nexus, net, complex.
A space that surrounds what makes us happy.  A hot drink, a gift for our loved ones, a small delicacy, an object that will beautify our place.

From December 2020, we opened our gates and welcome you to our physical location, a few steps from the heart of Athens.

We are waiting for you to share smiles, exchange views, advise you and listen to your wishes. Whether you are looking for a speciality coffee and a healthy snack, or a handcrafted decorative item for your home, visit us and have a look.