Candle Holder Eris


Terracotta Candleholder designed in Denmark.

The Eris candle holder is made of Terracotta, which gives the candle holder a rustic and unique look. The natural and rustic surface comes alive when the light hits it, because the glaze makes the candle holder organic and rough.  The name Eris is inspired by Greek mythology and the shape of the candlestick is inspired by ancient columns, which give the candlestick a majestic expression. Eris candleholder has its own unique surface with a story that comes to life when you touch the candle holder.  The Eris candle holder comes in two sizes and is sold individually. The way Eris is burned, as well as the fact that the product is handmade, means that there can be unique variations in shape and color.

Height : 16 cm(small), 20 cm(large)

Diameter : 10 cm

Material : Terracotta

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