Colorgem Box/3 (Sulphur+Amethyst+Turquoise)


Draw from nature, as if you picked up a rock and started coloring. Colorgem is a set of mineral-like crayons exploring the metaphor and satisfaction of releasing colors directly from a burnt chalk, an apple, or granites and stones. The studio has transformed the crayon block into a process similar to rock erosion; every sign of press, indent, and dulled corner instruments the flow of the user’s artistic footprints. Each and one of them are hand finished in their studio, therefore slight signs of irregularity or breach may occur. Includes 3 pieces (Sulphur + Amethyst + Turquoise).

Length : 3.5 cm(crayon), 19 cm(box)

Width : 3.5 cm(crayon), 6 cm(box)

Height : 3.5 cm(crayon), 6 cm(box)

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