Soap Dispenser Kama


Limestone Soap Dispenser designed in Denmark.

The unique soap dispenser from the “Kama” series brings raw elegance and exclusivity to the bathroom with a simple, honest and characterful expression. “Kama” is created with a fluted and rustic surface that pushes the boundaries of bathroom accessories. The series’ organic shapes and charming details add personality and soul to the bathroom, and together with a natural and calm shade, the series achieves a solid and sculptural expression. The name “Kama” is inspired by the Indian god of love and celebrates the love of the imperfect and embraces self-love and luxury. The beautiful series creates a harmonious and luxurious atmosphere in the bathroom, and in combination with the series’ other products, a beautiful and complete expression is achieved. The elegant soap dispenser is designed with a functional pump that makes it easy to dose the soap and can be used both in the bathroom and in the kitchen. The soap dispenser is made of natural limestone, and therefore the shade and structure may vary. The soap dispenser must be washed by hand and cleaned with neutral soap.

Height : 17.5 cm

Diameter : 7.5 cm

Material : Limestone, Metal.

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