Treasure Jar Terracotta


The Treasure jars are inspired by nature and how the nature transforms and acts on other materials.

Especially moss and the meet with other natural materials has played a major part in the inspiration of the surface on jars.

The name Treasure is a tribute to the “treasures of nature” and how the small natural treasure transforms on other materials and creates new stories and lives.

The Treasure jars are made of Terracotta. The tactile surface is formed by hand and makes the surface and story of jars come alive.
This makes each jar unique with its own story and expression, that adds soul and personality to the home. The Treasure jars are for indoor use only.
The jars are NOT guarantied waterproof and we do NOT recommend that you plant directly in the jars. Use a plastic pot or plastic inside to protect the surface inside. Available in two sizes.

Height : 21 cm(small), 25 cm(large)

Diameter : 18 cm(small), 23 cm(large)

Material : Terracotta

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