Cold Brewer


Cold brew at home made easy

Cold Brewer will transform every coffee into a clear and smooth cold brew.

The brewer consists of a stylish glass jar, an airtight cover and a fine mesh filter that attaches to the lid. Simply fill the filter with freshly ground coffee, soak in water and wait. After 12-24 hours simply lift the filter and let the remaining water drip out. It’s simple!


Put coarse ground coffee in the filter

Attach filter to the lid

Pour water in the jar

Immerse lid with filter in water

Wait up to 12 hours at room temperature or up to 24 hours if refrigerated.

Lift the lid with the filter and let the water drip from the coffee

Remove and clean the filter

Enjoy your cold brew coffee

Cold Brewer consists of:

  • a beautifully designed cold brew glass (volume 800ml)
  • airtight cover
  • super fine mesh filter


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